Mana MALICE MIZER Makeup Tutorial 白塗りメイク [マリスミゼルコスプレ] ~ Halloween Makeup 2017


hullo everyone ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ today’s video is a mana malice mizer makeup tutorial, as some people have requested i continue creating more malice mizer makeup looks. hope you enjoy! i have a lot of tips for this makeup look as i used to cosplay mana as a teenager, so i’ll be talking a lot more than usual this time around :3

of course, this is part of my minspooky halloween makeup series, where i do halloween makeup looks inspired by darker, creepier subjects…in this case mana was supposed to represent a shinigami in the music video le ciel.

for more info please read below!


・ m a k e u p ・

as i mentioned before, i used to cosplay as mana when i was a teenager, before youtube existed. my main source of learning how to do his makeup back then was Livejournal, so i’m going to pass along some info on how he actually did his cosplay makeup. sadly enough it looks like there isn’t any info out there anymore about how he did his malice mizer makeup.

mana did not have a prominent crease so he always drew in a fake crease with makeup. if you have monolids you should be able to do this makeup perfectly. but if you don’t have monolids you probably can’t replicate his makeup correctly. i have hooded eyelids so when i put any thick eyeliner on, it usually creates the illusion i have monolids. so in this tutorial, i simply drew above my actual crease line to mimic that effect.

mana also does a very peculiar thing with his lower lash line by leaving a small gap between his waterline and the eyeliner. he’s not simply filling in his waterline with white. this enlarges the eye as well as creates a sort of sad, tired look to the eye. to enhance this he also commonly shades around the outer lower half of the eyelid.

his lip makeup is very hard to do because it’s very specific to his own lip shape. he has very very small lips and a unique lip shape. he always overlines his top lip following his lip line. his bottom lip is always smaller both in width and length.

also mana’s makeup is always VERY precise. everything is clean. so really make sure to do it as cleanly as possible. his looks are never messy or unblended. i read in an interview once that he spends 2 hours on his makeup, so take your time with it. this took me roughly the same amount of time.

i think that about covers it! hope you enjoy this video :3

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  1. elup80 says:

    You have the perfect voice for ASMR 😍

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    This is so spot on and brings back so many great memories.

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    Bless Mana sama

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    Ben Nye the *makeup* guy

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    ok so. I love you. This is perfect. Mana-sama is so amazing and inspiring and so are you!!!!

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