Aloe vera hair care to prevent hair breaks

You know, if your hair all-in-one carries a magic element with care, then it is Aloe Vera. Because Aloevara contains plenty of vitamins, proteins and various minerals, which provide nutrients to the hair and makes the hair dense, hectic.

1. Alvarevara has a large amount of proteinic enzymes, which can cure your Scalp’s DAMAGE. This results in nourishment of your hair fibers, and also increases hair growth very quickly.

2. If you start to get too much hair fall, then begin to use the eyes alveolar gel, because the aloe vera gel strengthens the hair, and it reduces hair loss.

3. Anti-inflammatory material in the vaccine reduces the possibility of scalping infections and stop the inflammation of scalp.

4. Aloe Verva contains a large amount of moisturizer, which makes the hair very nicely, and if there is a problem of dandruff, then use Aloe vera gel.

So, let’s not know late, take care of Aloe Vera’s wonderful 10 hair pack in your hair care.

1. Caster oil and alloyer hair pack

Castor oil gives great work to the growth of your hair. And if Aloevara mixes it with gel, then the hair will grow faster, as well as hair fruit problems, if it is, then it will also be vanish. Also, to strengthen the hair, Use this hairpiece to get rid of hair breaks.


Fresh aloe vera gel 1 cup, custard oil 2 teaspoons, 2 teaspoons of fenugreek powder


Mix the mixture of fresh aloe vera gel, custard oil and fenugreek seeds in a bowl, then mix them well in your scalp and hairstyle. Now sleep with a shower cap on the head. If you have a towel on the back, then you can attach it to your head. The hair will provide the ultra-hit. Wash the head in the cold water with conditioner by shampoo well and wake up early in the morning. Ahe pabenai karunaupakara at least 12 times.

2. Coconut oil, honey and allover hair pack

If the hair is too dry, then use this haircut. Because coconut oil and honey will provide moisture on your hair. And make the hair soft and silky by condoming.


Aloe vera gel 5 spoons, coconut oil 3 spoons, honey 2 tablespoons.


Mix a mixture of honey, coconut oil and aloe vera gel together and make a small mixer. Then apply it to the hairstyle and scalp. Apply the shaver cap on it and keep it shampoo in the cold water for 25-30 minutes. Look at what hair is beautiful. Do not see it once a week, you will be tilted in the hair of your hair.

3. Eggs, Olive Oil and Alloyer’s Hair Pack

Eggs contain large amounts of fat, which give a glossy texture to the hair very nicely, and olive oil provides the necessary nutrients in your hair.


Fresh aloe vera gel 4 spoons, olive oil 3 spoons, egg yolks 1am


Fresh aloe vera gel, olive oil and egg yolks mixed well in a bowl and mix well with hair, especially at the hair of scalp, especially on the hair. Keep the hair covered with the cap and keep the hair covered with 25 minutes. Then wash it well with shampoo Do not forget to smell the skin a day. Then do it again and again.

4. Onion and alloyar hair pack

If the hair of the head is all gone, but the new hair is not growing compared to that? Friends are not stressed. This juice is onion juice but it does not reduce your hair, it will help to regenerate hair again.


Onion juice 1 cup, aloe gera 1 spoon.


Just mix the onion juice with onion juice. Apply it to the scalp of the head once. Wash the head with a light shampoo, keep it for one hour. Do this for 1 day in the week. If you are looking for dark black hair, you will be getting dark black hair.

5. Coconut milk and aloe vera gel hair pack

Your hair is one of the reasons for the fruit but lack of hair nut. Therefore, try coconut oil instead of coconut oil. It helps your hair to nourish hair with nourishment from the inside.


Aloe vera gel 4 spoons, coconut milk 4 spoons, coconut oil 1 spoon.


Mix all the ingredients well and make a smoother mixture. Now put it on your head in scalp. Apply it well to wash the hair with mild shampoo. Regularly once a week, go for one month. You will be surprised by the results.

6. Rubbish and Aloe Vera Hair Pack

But the most common problem in winter is the problem of excess hair fall. And the reflexes can release you from this problem very easily because the reason is not only preventing hair fall, but also helps to grow new hair.


2 tablespoons paste, Aloe vera gel 1 spoon.


Make a smooth blend of the paste and aloe vera gel in a bowl and mix it well. Sit tightly for half an hour and wash it with a light shampoo. Do not see it once, then after referring to jamabulam kamal, I promise to do it again Want to

7. Patelubu and Aloe vera Hair Pack

There is a lot of vitamin C in the plateau, which helps great on the synthesis of hair loss collagen. And you know that the immune system of dandruff is the immune system.


Fresh aloe vera 2 tablespoons of gel, 1 spoon of spleen juice.


Mix aloe vera gel and patilubur juice together with your hair follicles and scalp well. After 20-25 minutes, make light shampoo. Take a day in the week, see the dandruff vanish and see the thick veiled hair again.

8. Hena and Aloe Vera Hair Pack

You know that it is beneficial to take care of hair, so now you will not use it. Aloe vera mixed with Henra will see?


Hena 2 spoons, Aloe vera gel 1 spoon, 2 cups of yogurt.


Mix well, aloe vera gel and talk yogurt, and massage them thoroughly on the whole head. After drying dry in the cold water, dry the shampoo in the cold water. Do not use it one day in the week. However, do not use this hairpiece more, because Hena is the only hair If you use this haircut frequently, your hair can be dry and ruffled.

9. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Oil Hair Pack

Vitamin E has plenty of anti-oxidant, which protects your hair from all the damage in the cold.


Aloe vera gel 1 spoon, lemon juice 1 spoon, vitamin E oil 1 spoon, two tablespoon of almond oil.


Mix all the ingredients together and massage them well in the hair. Wash them well as you like 20 minutes. Do this for a couple of times a week. You can see yourself at least.

10. Fever and Hairpiece Hair Pack

I’m surprised to hear that there is no objection to being surprised. Fate is the number one thing to take care of hair. Hairstyles from hair loss, new hair growth from moisturizing hair- The best solution for hair-to-


2 cups of fenugreek powder, frozen aloe vera 2 tablespoons of gel.


Mix together the fenugreek seeds and aloe vera gel together and massage them with scalp and hair. Wash them with light shampoo for half an hour. Do not see them in the month of one month.

It is always good to use fresh aloe vera gel to make hair packs. But if you do not have them at home, then buy Aloe vera in jail.

If not late, use the hairpiece hairpiece of Aloe vera gel. Take care of the hair. Alvarera will see a shield of thick black silky and shiny hair.