To preserve beauty, Roopchurch is necessary. The women and women are working in the process. In order to get the best skin, it is important to take care of the skin for at least two days a week. And if there is a marriage then there is no word. Every day, it is so beautiful on the wedding day that women spend busy time in the form of Ruppravya. But if the wedding is over, then the process of culture is over. That’s not right. Because of the wedding ceremony, double make-up is done and hairstyle is varied. Both skin and hair can not breathe life and breathe. So both the skin and the hair became rough. So even after the wedding ceremony is over, you have to keep the culture of silver. Apart from marriage, it needs to be fashioned after marriage even after the marriage.

During the wedding, there is a need to touch the elbows on the day of the halud. At this time the skin looks yellowish. This yellow color has remained on skin for quite some time. If you have a yellow look, you do not like to see the skin makeup. Then the beauty of the face is damaged. So when the wedding ceremony ends, using a pack on the skin will remove the yellow color. The pack is given below-

1) Some rice powder.

2) One spoon lemon juice.

3) One spoon talk yogurt.

4) One spoon honey

Yellow substances can be removed by mixing these ingredients together in the face. You can put it in the whole body, not only by mouth. Put the pack and massage it with a little water. Thus take a few days.

On the wedding day, there is a lot of makeup on the day of the wedding. It has a harmful effect on the skin. So, after marriage, there is a possibility of skin loss if you exclude rupture.

Now let’s come to the hairstyle, hairstyles of various designs are barred on wedding day. Due to which there is a pressure on the hair. It is possible to have hair fragile. So after getting married, it is necessary to take care of hair. You can make a pack for hair at home-

1) An egg.

2) A banana.

3) One spoon honey.

Mix these three ingredients and keep them on the hair for ten minutes. Do not dry much The reason is not to want to get the banana while washing too late. Then wash hair thoroughly with shampoo. Thus, after a few days hair problems will be overcome.

After marriage, apply for three days at least three weeks. Then you can retain the beauty of the wedding.