Do you share makeup with others?

We girls keep their makeup bags in bags, to get to the hands when needed. And if you think you need to use your girlfriend or any other girl freely. But do you know that sharing some things with makeup can cause you serious harm to someone else? So some things of makeup should never be shared with anyone, no matter how close it is.

1) Cream bowl

To touch the hands or finger of different people in the same cream bowl, it means entering the bacteria. Even if you yourself repeatedly put a finger in the big bowl, it is harmful for you. Take down cream for a week and use it.

2) Mashakara

The things that are close to any type of fluid in our body should not be shared with anyone else. Congestive dysfunction, eye infections and inflammation problems arise due to the sharing of Mashkara type makeup with others.

3) Twzor and Razor

Many people use twger to maintain correct shape of the embryo. But sharing this tweaker may also be harmful. When the eyebrows are taken from the twin, the blood is transmitted to the microscopic amount, which remains in the twin. This can lead to many diseases. The same thing happens in Razr. While cutting hair, it may take blood to cut skin.

4) Lip Gloss

Lip gloss brush is always in a wet place which is much more useful for bacterial production. Due to share of the same brush many types of diseases spread to the body.

5) Makeup Brush

Another make-up brush may cause another skin problem to spread among other people. Because the makeup brush does not go in the usual way of regular washing. Bacteria are stuck in it.