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Social media influencers share their first trysts with fame


My journey has been akin to a roller-coaster ride. I was bullied and body-shamed in school. At 15, I was beaten by my schoolmates and suffered bulimia for the longest time. All of that, however, didn’t stop me from believing in myself. Working for a designer campaign with the label, half Full | Curve, opened several doors of opportunities for me. It brought me recognition, and, to my surprise, people started following me and my blog. I’m grateful that social media platforms help people like me come out of our shells.
One of my Instagram posts paved the way for me as a fashion influencer. It was a picture that I had captured at the Amazon Fashion Week. I was wearing an embellished sari by Surendri with jeans and the combination clicked with the audience like no other post of mine. Soon after, I began getting paid for various blog posts. I believe in trying to bring something new to the table each time I upload a picture.

Social media influencers share

For me, the journey from the girl-next-door to a fashion influencer was gradual. At the same time, doing a sponsored project with Lakmé Fashion Week helped me gain recognition to a great extent. I was told to ask street-style questions to the people who attended the event. Little did I know that these short interactions with industry people would kick-start my blogging career. Soon after, people started acknowledging my blog. I had the opportunity to work with well-known brands including Topshop and Nike, and everything fell into place from there on.

Social media influencers share

A project that hit the right balance of being one of my favourites and receiving appreciation from the audience was, ‘Too close to the water’ (travel photo series). I shot it in Puducherry, a city that I like going back to. Although, the shoot was done about two years ago, it still manages to bring me a sense of satisfaction when I so much as even think of the images. I put together some simple looks with a few pieces sourced from brands I liked, and used others from my personal wardrobe. My photographer, Havra, and I shot in and around the beautiful boutique hotel we were staying at, before we crossed the street to the beach. The colours, mood, frames, looks, never seem to get old for me, and they never will.

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