Almost all women love to makeup. Make a light makeup before going out without having too much makeup everyday. FACE Powder is one of the most common items. There are also Kajol and Lipstick. Lipstick does not come out of the house by placing the lipstick light plaque, many beauty conscious women Many people take extra protection against skin again. With this goal, apply the foundation. Because the foundation creates a protective screen on the skin that prevents dust or sunlight radiation from entering the skin. Many of these common issues also make mistakes. This can damage your skin. Let’s know those common mistakes

Refrain from installing the wrong shade foundation:

Many people do not have foundation with the shades of their skin. As a result the face is white or looks more red. The correct shade foundation for makeup is very important. Find out what your skin shade is first. Talking to any of the bureaucrats, she can say how many numbers to apply for your skin. Besides, you also buy a shade light or dark color foundation by looking at the face skin in the mirror.

Apply foundation to the neck:

Many make the mistake when making makeup is not found in the neck. The color of the face will be bright only when the foundation is raised, but the color of neck or neck skin will remain the same as before. The makeup looks like this. Do not make light makeup, why not apply the foundation to the neck and face of the neck.

Stay away from additional Aishado:

Many like to add aishada. Adding light eyeshadow to everyday light makeup adds a new dimension to the beauty. But be careful about planting ahshadow. Do not add extra dark colors. This will make the entire makeup ruined. It looks good to light up the eyeshadow.

Blind the eyeshadow well:

Many people rush to do makeup and do not mix well. Soon after this, Ayesha’s eyes flashed on the eyelids. Do not make this mistake as soon as possible. Blind the eyeshadow well

Avoid using extra mushrooms:

Many people have forgotten to use Mashkaara more than mashkaara. In this, eye petals become stiff with each other. Looks lonely. Never put more pistachios.

Before finishing the mashkara, brush the brush with a paper or cloth lightly and remove the extra mushka, then apply the paste. This will allow you to put the pistachios well.

Beware of using leaplogs:

Lip gloss with lipstick on the lips, many people apply lipsticks. But many people make mistakes in planting lipglass. Many people thought that their lips would be reduced very quickly and lip gloss placed on the lips. But by doing this you will lose the beauty of your whole makeup. Besides, there is a fear of spreading around the lip. So apply lipglas lightly. You can keep the lipglas so that you can reassign it.
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