How to save your skin in the summer? Find out more
How to save your skin in the summer? Find out

Now it is time to change season. By saving myself from the bites of the winter, we have become the chief of a long time to save ourselves from the heat rage. In the meantime, during the change of the season, our body can not cope with the sudden change of weather. As a result, this time, there is a fever, cold and cold. The stomach problems continue to grow. Doctors and nutrition experts tell us to be very careful about our bodybuilding and eating habits at this time. Light clothes and light foods are always asked to choose from us. This is the clothes and eating habits. At the same time how to care for your skin, you need to know this summer too. In today’s report, find out what changes will be made for your skin this summer.

Everyone has their own skin type. According to that type, each one has his own skin care routine. Instead of making special changes in the routine, it is possible to get rid of the problem of skin problems in the summer when there are some minor changes.

1. Always keep your skin clean

It is important to keep skin clean during the summer. If you do not clean your skin properly then there is a lot of problems in skin accumulation of dirt. Problems like acne or rash in the skin of the skin with sweating and the accumulation of external dirt is coming. Before leaving your work in the morning, try this for washing your face with sulphate free face. After returning tonight, try to face the face which is moisturizing. It maintains the pH balance on the skin. Actually it is very important to make the skin diffital. Many people have a sensitive skin that is affected by excessive sunlight or excessive heat. If these damaged cells go from the mouth to sweat and other garbage, then the skin becomes damaged and decayed every day.

2. Give importance to skin dryness

Many people think the skin is good only if it is cleaned well. But after clearing the face with good face, it is important to take care of skin dryness. Toner needs to be selected for this. Alcohol free toner is the best case for any skin. Serum fitting with the same is useful. Remember the importance of the facewash, toner and serum in skin type is undeniable.

3. Moiseschreiser

Do not care less moisturizer for this time skin care. Try to use moisturizers all night after day work. In the summer, everyone usually chooses light moisturizer. If there is less rain or if the humidity of the air is less then the weather may be a little cold, then you can choose a heavy moisturizer. Many people choose night cream in the night. By combining the ingredients and understanding how effective it is for your skin, you can use the same night cream.

4. Sunscreen lotion is a must

When you are at home, you know how to take care of your skin. But if you get out of the sun, you need to think about how to protect your skin from ultraviolet light. If the sun’s ultraviolet rays continue to fall on our skin due to excessive sunlight, then the skin loses its own grip and continues to mature. So before going out during the day, the sunscreen lotion will be cooked. According to your skin type, you can get help from a beauty queen to know which sunscreen lotion is suitable for you.

5. To meet the needs of skin

All the above things are essential for your skin this summer. However, it is necessary to take different care according to the nature of each skin type. So experts say that try to understand exactly what your skin needs. Take care of your skin’s real problems and understand it. If your body does not get the right medicines, then the body is not free from bad, and your skin will not be able to cope with this season change if you do not care about the proper care.

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