If these 10 symptoms appear in the body, then be careful!

  • symptoms of diabetes.

  • Be careful to stay in need

  • Take advice from doctor.

Diabetes is a disease that has a huge number today in its grip. By the way, this disease is completely linked to our lifestyle. But many people are also victims of genetically. If a person comes in his grip, the blood of his whole body slowly turns into water. If we call it slow death then something will not be wrong. In earlier times only the elderly were diagnosed with diabetes. But today the situation is that a large number of young people are also involved in the arrest of diabetes.

According to statistics, about 45 million people in India currently have diabetes patients. By the way diabetes is a disease related to our lifestyle. But the main reason for this is the lack of insulin. It does not completely oxidize carbohydrate and glucose. Often the main reason for having diabetes is excess weight, not exercise, family related stress and more stress. Although there are many symptoms of this serious disease, but we are telling you 10 such symptoms that are found in the early period of this disease.

1 repeated defecation
2 Despite the lack of water in the body despite drinking more water.
3 Losing or growing excessive weight.
4 times hunger. Feeling weakness despite being full of stomach
5 If the injury is not immediately corrected after injury.
6 Eyes look weak and dull
7 Diseases of different types of skin are also a major symptom of diabetes.
8 Being moody and anger on small things
9 Increased laziness and more sleep
Inflammation of 10 hands and swelling of stomach.

If one of these 10 symptoms we also see 3 or 4 symptoms in person, then he should immediately check with the doctor. And check your blood sugar level. In addition, in the changing season, patients with diabetes should take special care of themselves.