Increasing Children Is The Result Of CANANGNATIC HART DISAGES, How Dangerous Is The Disease

  • The deficiencies of the valve that direction the blood flow inside the heart
  • If the valve becomes narrower, then stenosis is spread and then the valve is called leakage.
  • Aortic stenosis or mitral valve prolapse are major in congenital heart disorders.

Congenital heart disease is also known in medical language for congenital heart diseases in children. That is, some disorders remain during the development of the heart during pregnancy. Such as the deficiencies of the valve that guides the flow of blood in the heart. If the valve becomes narrower, then stenosis is spread and then the valve is called leakage. Aortic stenosis, mitral stenosis, or mitral valve prolapse are major in congenital heart disorders. The incompleteness of the heart’s internal wall, dividing the heart into two parts, is called a heart hole in simple language. Children with disorders such as ventricular septal deficiency, atrial septal deficiency, and heart-drawn veins (patent ductus arteriosus) may have problems and problems with children. Less developed part of the heart Like children on the left side, incomplete development of the main chamber (hypoplastic left heart syndrome) can also cause problems. On the other hand, joining the wrong or reverse of the main arteries coming out of the heart, which is called Transposition of Great Arms in the medical language. Similarly, many disorders of the heart (tetralology of failout) are also possible within the heart.

  • Eclipse checker

Ecodopular is a kind of heart ultrasound. Ecodopher gets the address of cardiac disorders easily. Experienced doctors make these disorders aware of their disorders. The surgery is only for them.

  • Rheumatic heart disease

In the throat, infection is caused by a bacterium called Streptococcal. If this infection is not treated in time, then rheumatic heart disease becomes. It also affects the heart muscles. After a decade the heart’s methral valve is shrunk. This condition can be serious. If needed, the doctor gives such children as a drug called Aspirin.

  • Viral myocarditis

The viral infection of the respiratory system can also be viral infection in the heart. Swelling of the heart muscles decreases and the power of its vibrations decreases. In most patients it is cured automatically, but occasionally the victim children have to apply pacemakers.

  • Heart rate barriers

Every age there is a fixed motion of the heart, which keeps changing with age. When children or adults are moving, this speed increases and slow down during rest. Some babies have defects of heart rate after birth or sometime. Defects related to heart rate make a difference on the ability to pump the blood of the heart. The country has made a lot of progress in the treatment of heart diseases for adults, but there is not enough facilities available for children right now. Given the number of children with cardiovascular disease, there should be a hospital of children’s heart at each district level or in a hospital affiliated to every medical college.

  • Pay attention to these things

About 1000 children of 8 are born with congenital heart disease. Immediately after birth, there is a possibility of a disorder called Tattalology of fail or transplanation of great artery if the body’s body has not been cleaned. Hyperoplastic left heart syndrome and other disorders of heart are most likely to occur if the breathing continues fast. In most children suffering from cardiac disorders, these disorders do not show any effect immediately after birth, when they are older, during illness or during normal testing they are identified.