Irregular Period | Find out the cause and the treatment – Beauty Tips

Irregular Period | Find out the cause and the treatment - Beauty Tips
Irregular Period | Find out the cause and the treatment – Beauty Tips

A woman’s breeding period from 12-13 years to 45-50 years. That means, ovate is produced every month at this time in her body for childbirth. If the egg is not fertilized with sperm, it will release from the body of the woman through her monthly blood flow. This monthly cycle or period cycle is calculated from the start of a cycle to the first day of the next cycle. But due to various reasons, this system may cause rhythm or may be completely monthly for months to months. The average time of the regular period is 28 days. It may change on women’s body, on the basis of weather or on a monthly basis. Although it is usually 24-38 day cycle, it is considered as a regular period. If it is more or less, or if the cycle changes frequently, it is called an ereguular period. Irregular or irregular period in the female body is a common problem. Let’s know why there is some reason for the period of the eregula.

Irregular Period

(1) AGE

At the beginning of puberty, there is a lack of estrogen and progesterone hormones in the body of many people at the age of 12-2, but the period may be irregular. The period may also be irregular due to birth defects.

2) Birth control pills

If married women suddenly shut down the birth control pill or change the medicine repeatedly, the period may be irregular.

3) PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome

It is a familiar hormone problem that is about 8-10 women. This does not result in ovulation from ovaries per month. These ovaries are made up of ovaries in the ovaries and deposited around the ovaries and the balance of the hormone in the body is damaged. Due to hormonal imbalance, there is no monthly time. May be closed sometimes.

3) Stress or stress

The brain has a special part called Hypothalamus, from which several types of hormones are released continuously. There are some hormones that affect the body of the menstrual cycle. Hypothalamus does not function properly, however, due to excess stress. As a result, it is delayed to start monthly.

4) Weight less or more

Ozone extra varies depending on the period. There is a problem in the fat accumulation of ovulation around the overweight women ovaries. As a result the period is not regular. Again, it can also irregular periods of extremely vulnerable health.

5) Thyroid problem

Thyroid glands located below our neck. It controls the body’s internal activity while keeping the body metabolism under control. There may be irregular menstruation due to any problems of thyroid gland.
6) Disease prevention
Another major cause of irregular menstruation is illness. The disease becomes irregular when the immune system decreases, due to which the period becomes irregular.

7) Pre-menopause

Normally menopause or periods of 50 years are closed. Menopause may start sometime between 40 and 45 years of age. It is called pre-menopause. Periods of this pre-menopause are irregular.

8) Breast Feeding

Breast feeding is called natural contraception or natural birth control system. The mothers who breast-feed the children usually have periods or are irregularly.

9) Extra heavy exercise

If excessive exercise, the period may be irregular or delayed. Those who work hard to lift rats, heavy weight, or for other reasons, they can suffer from this problem. Because extra exercise reduces estrogen levels. As a result, the period may be closed.
If there is no regular period, there are many problems. It is not seen in another month if it is one month. For many, maybe a period of two to three months. Sometimes there is some bleeding, sometimes more. About to reduce child-retention capacity. Unwanted pregnancy may also occur. Also, sometimes the mood is irritable and discomfort is made.

When will you go to the doctor?

Usually in some cases in life, there may be occasional irregular period. There is nothing to fear. However, in some cases irregular periods must be consulted physician, for example-
1. If the period is more likely to be erreglar.
2. If not three months after the period.
3. If the period is on a 21-day cycle.
4. Period cycle is more than 35 days.
5. If there is excessive pain in the period or there is more heavy fluid.
6. Period is more than one week.
7. If the period is closed before the age of 45 or the period of 55 years of age has also been period.
There is nothing to worry about periods of irregular periods. But period is a taboo in our society. Many girls suffer day after day with various problems, but they do not say anything to anyone. As a result, there was a great danger. If there is too much irregular period or if you feel unusual about the period, contact a gynecologist.