Make Baby powder yourself

We always believe in baby powder for children and adults in powder. Because we think that Baby powder is safer than adults. What is that? How sure are you Baby powder perfect? Better than this, leave all the trouble to make Baby powder. How is it possible to think? Do not worry, look at the implications. Make Baby Powder very easily.

What you need to do to make baby powder:

White clay 1/3 cup

Or 1/4 cup corn starch / corn flower

Array powder powder 1/4 cup

Essential oil 10 drops (any flavors you like)


Take a glass jar or plastic bowl. Mix all the ingredients together and mix well. Diameter, made of your powder

Some Tips:

There is an easy way to get the aroma without Essential Oil. However, it will only get lemon or orange smell.

Take orange or cobs. Then clean the inside of the white part of the shout. Then take small pieces of the shells. Mix these 2/3 days with this powder. Then remove these and fill the quench with powder scratched. Lemon or Orange will be mixed with natural Essential Oil and Souvenir Powder.

If you can not even take 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder. Beautiful souvenir will be.

If you do not want the aroma, you will not have Essential Oil.

Where to get:

White Clay

It can be bought in large cosmetics stores, the clay used in face mask is Karna Starch / Corn Flowers, Ararat Powder

You can buy these two components in any large grocery store, super shop or market. But buy good brands. Since the use of the skin, good brand is good. And do not buy any excess flavored products.