Make Make The Dry Hands Two Soft in The Mouth

All girls want her hands to be beautiful and tender. Especially after working all day, the hands of the housewives became the most impaired. But the truth is that we are most neglected by hand. The most busy organ of our body is hand. We work differently throughout the day, such as cutting, cooking, cleaning the towels, washing clothes, gardening and other household chores etc.

The reasons for your hands being rigid and rigid are:

1. Dry weather

During the winter the amount of water vapor is low so your skin becomes dry.

2. Water

Those who work more with water, reduce the amount of unprotected oil in their hands, so that their hands become dry.

3. Chemical products

Those who work on regular chemicals and who use very cleansing products for households, have their hands in their hands. The chemicals absorb moisture from the hand and damage the outer skin of the skin, causing the skin to create more problems.

4. Soap

Normal ingestion of those who use more soap is damaged, so that the skin’s own ability decreases, so the skin of the skin is cracked.

Also, some health problems related to skin such as psoriasis, exima, allergies and some impotions can also be cracked by the hands.

Has your hands become rough and dry? Then do not be frustrated.
There are some domestic ways that your hands will become tender and beautiful. Let’s find out the ways to find out.

Petroleum jelly is easy and cheap

Petroleum jelly is the best ingredient for rough, dry and bursting hands. Before sleeping, clean your hands with clean cloth and put the petroleum jelly well. With the help of petroleum jellies, when you are asleep at night, the skin itself repairs the hand parts of the hand.

Olive oil will give health bright skin

Olive Oil’s antioxidant and hedge fatty acids are good for dry hands. Olive oil brings back the humidity of the skin, softens the skin and helps to regain the youthfulness of the skin. Massage olive oil twice daily, massage your hands for 5-10 minutes, your hands will be soft and soft.

Coconut oil is polygonous

Mix coconut oil and little lemon juice and keep it bottled. When all your work is finished, put oil mixture in your hands well. Leibur juice acidic acts as a natural bleach and it can remove the stain. And coconut oil’s fat provides nourishment to the skin of the hand and bring moisture back. So if you want to get benefits, use this mixture every day.

Some Tips:

– Reduce soap use as much as possible and after washing thoroughly wash.
– Reduce the use of air dryer in the home.
Use cotton and leather gloves. Do not use vinyl gloves because it is
Make the hand more dry
– Flexible to the right skin of your face. It removes old skin and creates new skin.
– Those who have very bad conditions, they can take cottage gloves or wool socks after handling the mixture of petroleum jelly, olive oil or coconut oil at night.
-Alleva juice can be put in hand.
– As a scrubber you can use honey and oatmeal.