oily Eyelid | Eye makeup will not be made in 8 great ways!

Tell a story before speaking about the Wiley Aileid … If I say, what part of makeup looks most beautiful, but what will be the answer? I know, the answer is eye makeup. Eye makeup – nowadays everyone can do it all. But, after making a nice eye makeup, just after going to the party or the dawn, if you see that the Isaina has become smacked and the idol has crashed into a bad situation, then how will it be?

Not to look nice, it would look very strange to see. If this happens to you, the type of eyelid or oily leaves is oily or oily. But what is the solution? How to make eye makeup long in spite of being alyleid? want to know? Today’s article is about that topic. Let’s talk about it and not knowing how to do it, you can prevent eight eye-catching memory loss in 8 great ways.

Smile Proof Makeup Tips for Wiley Aileyd and its

1. Dusting
Before starting eye makeup, brush a little translucent powder with the brush on the eyelid. This will leave the eyeliness of the eyelid.

2. I Primer
Of course, before starting eye makeup, put a good quality eye premium. Many people will now ask whether it will work with a fax prime, foundation or a councilor?
No, it will not be faxed by the prime minister, the councilor or the foundation. Since your eyelid is awake. So a good quality an i-primemer will work well for you. Blend the Eye Primer into your whole eyebed. It will be very helpful to long-distance your eyeshadow.

3. Baking
After planting Eye Primer, apply a lot of translucent powder in a small beauty sponge on your eyelid. Keep the eyes closed and wait for 1 minute.
Saying about yes, baking. Bleaking lightly in this way, eye makeup will be long-lasting and the eye makeup will be less if there is eye makeup smog.
4. Matt Shadows
Always put a matte eyeshadow in the crease area of ​​the isleid. Eye makeup will try to add more matte types than Shaymari or Glyatic Eyes. Because, Matt Shadows are relatively less shaky. And try to use a very small eyeshadow.
5. Brush Waiting
Before inserting a shimmy eyeshadow in the eyelid, make eye makeup brush setting spray and then apply it to the eyed eyelid. This will make Shimari Eyesdoo very well and it will be a long-serving castle long.
6. Angled lenar use
Many people like to use the pencil linear makeup. But they are more likely to be smacked. So after installing the pencil liner, apply a chic angle liner brush pencil liner with sesame color eyeshadow and apply it on the printing motions on the lining. This will reduce the pencil laser scam.
7. Jail liner
Waeli Aileidas is a common thing to smile. So, instead of liquid or pencil liner, use the jail linear. Because, jail linar is not easy to remove / smuggle without eye makeup remover.
8. Last Dusting
After the Eye makeup, again a little bit of translucent powder in a brush, dust your eyelid lightly. Do not be afraid, I do not lose eye makeup if very little powder is dusted. On the contrary, this will eliminate the extra awkwardness of the eyelid.
Here’s what Waeli Aileyad has to know, how they can easily prevent smacking of eye makeup. Hopefully, you will get a lot more help.