Privacy policy

privacy policy 

We have come to express your commitment to respecting your personal information carefully and with our Privacy Policy. The following is the practice of collecting and providing information on

Keep the user’s identity confidential

Beauty Tips has the default option to hide the user’s identity in all posts and comments. The Beauty Tips user identity will only appear when the user chooses to keep his identity open.

Visitor Information

You can visit our website at without giving any information or identity to you. Beauty Tips Web server collects only domain names (IP addresses), browser and session information. In no way does it collect the name of the visitor or the email address. Beauty Tips uses information primarily for analyzing and monitoring the information and preventing fraud and misuse of the website. Which works on the website to bring more contextual content and facilitate easy implementation of user convenience.

Collection of personal information

Beauty Tips collects personal information when you register Beauty Tips or actively engage yourself with our service. Beauty Tips can store personal information about you when and if you use a Beauty Tips or Beauty Tips business partner, a partner’s web service. If you need a contact with Beauty Tips in a particular situation then beauty tips may ask you for your personal information and for your views. Beauty Tips sites, products and services use personal information for the following reasons: Products and services, identifying and verifying, improving service, communication, research, recommendation, payment of bills and anonymous reports.


Beauty Tips is very careful and aware about the importance of user safety. And that’s why all personal information and user information is behind the firewall, where access is only authorized Beauty Tips staff. beauty tips does not share or sell information with our advertisers or advertising companies. Note that before or after receiving the Beauty Tips service, the Internet service provider’s traffic deal is not included in the Beauty Tips privacy policy.

Use of cookies

Beauty Tips tries to provide information to its registered customers, as registered customers keep their information customized. And for this, Beauty Tips could use cookies. Cookies are stored on your hard drive so that when you visit our pages you can easily identify and make your browsing easier and comfortable. You can, however, specify in your web browser that when you want to receive a cookie. Or you can block cookies in your browser. This will prevent us from identifying you and you may not get the full benefit from many of our services. Beauty Tips uses cookies for several reasons:

  • 1. When a session is over due to security reasons, ask for a password again

  • 2. Keep an eye on your settings

  • 3. Analyze the number and dimensions of the user

  • 4. Improve our products and services

  • 5. Ensure that visitors are shown the same ads and customize the user’s behavioral information and advertisements according to the browser type.

  • 6. Display profile of user profile and related service via profile waze.

Beauty Tips cookies are not shared in any way with other business partners.
Links to other sites
There may be links to other websites on the Beauty Tips website. Beauty Tips is not responsible for the privacy practices and content of those websites.

Disclosure of information

When you provide your personal information through Beauty Tips, you share your information with Beauty Tips and its affiliated companies. The use of information is included in this policy. Although this information is not shared with a relationless third party, it may use and display personal information in Beauty Tips for any advertisement. If you need to complete a transaction, you can share information at Beauty Tips to improve your product and service, to emphasize your choice. If you contribute optionally to our sponsor functions and explicitly name the third party, then your information may be shared with them. Beauty Tips reserves the right to contact you because of the products and services. In this case, you may not have the choice of service announcement, administrative message, Can send newsletters and emails. Due to the use of the services of Beauty Tips, users can store some information such as user names, email addresses, mobile numbers and current addresses to identify and send notification. Apart from this, Beauty Tips user profile information, additional contact information, location, Collect biographical information and pictures. This additional information will help our other users find and contact you. Beauty Tips will collect your information on a central profile to display your name and information on your own page. The way you set up your account, you’ll see that information on your page. If you post your personal information online and keep it open for everyone, you can get unwanted messages from other parties. If you publish personal information to someone other than yourself, then that content may be deleted and your account may be terminated.
Beauty Tips may disclose your information in relation to certain conditions such as due to the written request of the police, the court order, in which legal process, to establish our legal rights or to protect against any legal claim and to abide by the emergency or to disclose this information in such situations. Beauty Tips may disclose your information to prevent any investigation, or to take action related to unlawful activities, for suspected fraud, possible threatened circumstances and physical protection of the person, violation of our terms of use or legal requirements. If a situation arises where Beauty Tips sells all or part of its business, then all the transactions and your information may be shared. Which is allowed by you in this Privacy Policy.

Internet Security

Beauty Tips will not guarantee 100 percent security for information transmission on the Internet. The information we generate with you is entirely at your own risk. When Beauty Tips receives any information from you, then you try to ensure maximum security.
Opportunity to choose communication
Visitors to Beauty Tips give us the option to accept or not. Beauty Tips claims to give you the option to change or delete personal information from its database. You can do this anytime from your profile page. When you take the Beauty Tips service your privacy will be taken seriously and you will be contacted for your concerns if necessary. However, in some cases it can be very difficult to respect your request and to cancel our relationship with you in many adverse circumstances.
Corrected and updated
To improve the quality of service, Beauty Tips’s privacy policy will be regularly updated and updated.