Removal of domestic black spots in the eye – Beauty Tips 

Removal of domestic black spots in the eye - Beauty Tips
Removal of domestic black spots in the eye – Beauty Tips 

Eye beauty has a great effect on the face. The beauty of beauty is the beauty of eyes first. The most beautiful part of the human face is the eye. It is very sensitive. But if there is a black spots or under eye circle in the eyes of those beautiful two eyes, then the fall of the whole beauty falls.

Some tips to remove black spots under the eyes

1.Pour potato with pomegranate should be put down on the eyes. Use this paste for three to four days. Black spots will be removed under the eyes. However, if you want to watch the chapatta of cooking house, then you have to check whether the chilli has been broken!

2. Slowly turn around the eyes with two finger trumpets in the index finger. After a while, wash it with cold water. It helps to remove the burning sensation of skin in the skin.

3. Cut the cucumber and potato slices. First close the eyes and apply two pieces of coconut on top. Keep 20 minutes like this. Similarly, apply potato sliches on eye. Or blender cucumbers and potatoes. Take two pieces of cotton. Now you can take a glance to remove the blended juice. So keep it for 15-20 minutes. Do this at least three days a week. You can understand its creativity itself.

4. Mint leaves help to remove black spots in the eyes below. Applying the leaves of the mint leaves, there is black spots in the eye. Be careful that somehow the juice does not enter the eyes.

5. You can use the pink. Before going to bed every day, take two rounds of rose in cotton and apply it around the eyes. Thus 15 minutes of massage. You will see softness in your eyes and fatigue will be removed.

6. Take a piece of ice and slowly turn around the eyes. The ice works extraordinary to remove eye-blackness.

7. Pour the raw cucumber in the home and leave it under your eyes for only 10 minutes.

8. Mix one or two drops of glycerine with orange juice, and put it under the eyes. It removes black spots and makes the eye more brighter.

9. Before going to bed, close your eyes and massage with nuts around. It works very well to get black spots under the eyes. The eyelids also remove the spleen.

10. After using the bag, keep it in the refrigerator. When cold, close the eyes and keep it for 10 minutes. The black spots below your eyes will be used every day.

11. Tomato and lemon juice mixed together twice a day to dark circles. Get quick results.

12. 5 egg yolks with a little milk. Then put 15 minutes on the damaged. You can see the results in the process of roasting a week.

13. Make a paste with pineapple juice and a little yellow powder, keep it aside for 10 minutes.

14. Vitamin E and C rich cream around the eyes before bedtime.