Remove the face sesame

Many people have seen small tilas in front of them. This extra small tiny skin cancer is the first symptom. But there is nothing to fear. Beauty conscious women always hope to have clean skin-free skin. But after taking care of many times, there is a til or achil on the face of the face. This til or mucilate may occur due to various reasons. Which destroys the beauty of the skin. Many people use sesame to remove the sesame costly cosmetics. These cosmetics, which have been removing the stains from the inside, have caused skin damage. These sesame stains can be reduced in some natural ways. So solve this domestic problem. Let’s know today how to do it

★ Make a face pack with seasonal fruits and vegetables. It may contain potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, cauliflower, apricots, strawberries, tomatoes etc.

★ You can wash your mouth with milk every day.

★ Use Talkable Dosage on Everyday Face Skin. Do not wash it, apply like a moisturizer and keep it on the skin.

★ If you do not have allergies in lemon juice then apply regular lemon juice. Use as many times as you want on day. Get fast results.

★ Honey will get some relief in the affected area by heating it slightly.

★ Mix raw green juice and sesame seeds together. Make paste with water and apply it in the affected area.

★ The juice of sugar and lemon juice is good.

★ Mix lemon juice, mint juice and carrot juice with parrose juice in equal amounts. It can be used just before using your regular cream. This will not be seen in the frequencies.

★ Put the flour in the kusum hot water and apply paste. It is better to have a juice of juice.

★ To remove excess sesame, lemon juice is extremely beneficial. You can mix sugar with lemon juice.

★ Can remove the face with raw milk.

★ Heat the light to light the honey.

★ You can use talk yogurt daily.

★ Before sleeping in the face of ripe bananas face a slight decline.

★ Coconut water helps a lot to remove the sesame. So after getting up in the morning, wash the face with coconut water.