Some Basic Things To Makeup For Newcomers 

In the previous part, the fundamental rules of foundation were shown. Today’s part will contain some parts of the face, the containering, the part of the blossom, which parts are highlighted. Besides shaping the nose, pressing the upper leg, etc.

The first color shown in the picture is the Contouring Part, the red color is the Highlights Part and the Purple Color is the Blush Part.

Contouring Part:

To make the thick thickness of the face need to be used in 4 places.

(1) Brown color shade for every day (dark one shade from the skin)

(2) To make night party or heavy mouth base, you need to contribute with 2/3 shed dark brown shades of face skin.

Contraction rules:

The part of the cheek – the face of the face below the face (in the picture), the main part of the container. Contraction is to be done here, but not where else.

Jaw line of mouth – To bring face shape long or a little finishing, the brush will have to be adjusted with a brush in the mouth, so that it can not be understood. From the corner of the ear to the right, to the bottom of the lip corner (to be given in the picture).

The size of the nose – To stretch the shape of the nose, with a light contouring powder or cream, on either side of the nose, it should be blanched tightly, tightened with a brush.

Forehead – For those who are bigger in their foreheads, to control their forehead, the upper portion of the eyebrows should be in the middle of the eyebrow. Those who are small on their foreheads should not refrain from the counterparts.

(Remember, without heavy makeup, do not ever wear contouring with a dark color. Make-up will be incompatible. The most difficult task is to make the base of the mouth, so much more practice is to be done.)

Blush On:

Blush On Normally Adjusts Lighter Pink Moreover, today’s New Trend is Orange Blare On When the orange color blushes, the face looks a bit darker. You can blush with a dark color to go to the party.

Blush Rule:

On the part of the container where the container is made, the blade from the little bottom of the chik bahan to the face hair line. Blush up to the apple part from the hair line to the apple part. Blend should be done from the apple part to the hair line (bottom to bottom).

Highlights Part:

Sweeper powder or cream blas are used to highlight the highlights of the mouth centers.

(1) Whose skin color they can highlight with white, natural pink, light gold color shimmer color.

(2) Those who have skin color, they can highlight highlights in natural or mild gold color shimmers.

Highlighting rules:

(1) In the part of the cheek – the upper part of the cheek sister is highlighted in the lower part of the eye. From the bottom part of the nose to the top of the chin sister.

(2) The highlights of the nose – longs in the middle of the nose (the nose bridge).

(3) Forehead – In the middle of the forehead, do highlights in the middle of the two eyebrows.

(4) Up and down of the lip – Highlight the lip on the part of the lip and below the highlighted part of the cupid and Tip of China.

Hope you like the post. thanks to everyone.

Writes – Karima Akter Tuly