Some Basic Things To Makeup For Newcomers

Cosmetics are heard in many of the problems that the foundation’s shade does not match, make-up gives black, how to choose the color of the concerter. Those who are making new make-up, they do not know anything about their make-up. For example, what kind of a foundation for skin, contouring on the skin, blossoming, how to blunt the foundation, make-up or do-not-for-scalp etc.

Before giving foundation to the foundation

Firstly, not one person has a skin type, color is the same. Someone’s skin is dry, Shyla is the skin of one’s skin, someone’s skin sensitivism. The foundation shade mixing is a bit of a hassle. From the shop that you buy from the foundation tester on the skin will match. With the bottom part of the hand where the sun can not go, buy the part of the foundation with the color of the foundation. Besides, if your shade is wrong, if you buy more lights or deep than the skin, then use a shade deep for lights or a shade light shade for dip and mix 2 foundation together. The perfect color will come in here.

Oily skin:

After the make-up of the main problem of the skin, the skin becomes much sweat and make-up becomes black. The first thing to do is to scrub the face before making make-up, 3/4 of ice cream will be put in full face. The loincloth will be blocked by this. Then put the oily free cream on the face, using astringer toner. The base of the face must be started with a primer, so that make-up will not be black, there will be a lot of make-up. If you do not have a primer, then you can take a little bit of light on the face of Milk of Meganisa. Then start make-up. If you make a heavy make-up, at least make up 4/5 times water or spray during make-up. Then remove facial make-up with sponge. Besides, you can buy setting spray. Use the same as water. There will be a lot of make-up. Foundation must be free of oil. In this case, the cream can be used in the cream foundation.

Normal skin

Normal skin sweating when they make up their “T” zone. Before they make-up, apply 3/4 ice fries to the “T” zone. And put the primer before make-up. Those who do not have a primer, they can put oil free BB cream. Primer will work. Normal skin-and foundation oil-free.

Dry skin

As the dead cells appear more dry on the skin, so make the face scrub well before making make-up. Make a scrub with any fruit sprouts or rice powder, honey, sugar by brushing small children and scrubbing the face in the opposite direction. In this, the dead cells of the mouth will rise. Blackheads will be removed. Then wash the face thoroughly with any face wash cream. Now take a little ice and rub the face in the jonan for 5 minutes. Put the tone on the face. Then apply a cream that suits your skin. Dry skin foundation and Primer Oil base.

Foundation Rules

Step 1 – First take a primer.

Step 2 – Primer should be put in front of a clean face.

Step 3 – In the hands of the foundation, you must put the cheeks, forehead, nose first.

Step 4 – Then bland the foundation well with a brush. Remember that blending is the main. The more blend you make, the more natural, flower coverage will make-up. There will be no thought of make-up.

Step 5 – Then put the black spots on the face, under the eyes of the constellator.

Step 6 – Blend the conjunction well with the foundation brush.

Step 7 – Blend make-up again with a sponge. This will make up the loose make-up with good blend.

Step 8 – Then with the face podder sponge the whole face and set the face base with powders.

Step 9 – Blend the whole face make-up with a buffer or plephy brush.

Step 10 – Final Look at Foundation Base

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