Special caution for Caesarian mother – Beauty Tips

Special caution for Caesarian mother - Beauty Tips
Special caution for Caesarian mother – Beauty Tips

Instead of giving birth to natural means, most of the cases are currently seen in Caesar’s help. But what happens after Caesar, many do not have a clear idea about it. Know some information about Caesarean. If you give birth to a Caesar, you may have to stay in hospital for four days. Then  home mothers need special caution. Because at this time if the mother is not taken care of properly then there may be many types of danger. So learn some tips for special care for Caesarean mothers during post-delivery.

Many mothers do not know that genital bleeding is still followed by Caesarean. However, the amount of bloodshed will be limited. There should be a lot of blood, excess stomach and dark color blood, because they are the signs of infection.

After Caesar, mother was given vitamin K. Mother and her family have to be careful about whether they are being fed. After the Caesars, another problem is seen in women suffering from swelling of the legs the next day. During this period of sleeping or while lying, the legs should be raised slightly under the pillow. Then the swelling of the legs will be reduced.

After caution, many mothers do not breastfeed. At this time, the wheels of the breast are felt and pain may occur while breastfeeding is not done during the three days after the caesarean section. Toilets can be heated in solution to solve the problem. Even if the milk is not given to the baby, it will be left out or left.

Another thing that many mothers do not know is that breast milk feeders keep feeding. If the mother’s milk feeder is kept in the refrigerator, it can be given to the baby for 12 hours. The cold milk must not be given to the child. But it can not be boiled or boiled in oven. This milk should be heated by keeping the feeder in hot water.

It is also good to know about some other things after the Caesar-

1. Catheter: After cessation, a catheter may be used in his body. It’s just kept in the first day. The next day was opened.

2. Knitting stains: The scarring stays for a long time, for many years. But with time it becomes very light, it is not as high as before. After cutting, the cut spots should be allowed to dry at least six weeks. If the whole drying is done then the cream can be applied to remove the stain.

3. After the operation, the toilets work all over: this is a very big operation, so many people are afraid to get the toilet done after this operation. Drink plenty of water. If needed, the doctor will give some medicines that will help to ease the toilet work.

4. Walking: After the Caesar does not have the fear of blood clotting, it is better to walk light on the next day.

5. Shivering in the body: Many people are shivering when the effect of anesthesia effect is cut from the body. Feeling numbness on the lower side of the body, especially on the legs. Within a few hours this feeling is going to be cut.

6. Bloodshed: Even if the baby is not born naturally, bloodshed will occur. It is called postpartum bleeding. It can last for a maximum of six weeks.

7. Heavy work prohibits: You can not pick up anything heavier than the child, for the first 2-3 weeks. Exercise 4-6 weeks off. And the physical relationship should be stopped in the first six weeks.

8. Sneezing can cause pain: If you have sneezing after surgery, you may have stomach ache. If you hold down the pillow on the stomach, the pain will be less. Many people are wearing belts during this time. This belt is helpful in reducing pain. This problem will be higher in the first week. Will be reduced later.