Stress, Sources, responses, disorders and the way to release!

Mental stress is an unwanted event or situation for a human being, which inhibits his feelings and prevents normal living. All people do not get sick due to stress. Those who become sick or distressed, are considered to have problems with their personality. If a person is in a weak nature, or is having a physical problem, mental balance is seen to be lost.

Stress and its source

1) One study found that the extent of the pain of a couple’s husband or wife is more than the stress of the world. Thus, one of the stress levels is the same.

2) Divorce, marital complexity, sickness and death of a loved one, living away from the family, sexual problems, financial stress, suits, competition and conflict, discomfort in the workplace, fear of losing jobs and exemption, etc. are the sources of stress.

3) If you often seek alcohol or medication / drug or ‘excessive drinking’ for ‘trouble-free’, you are not only trying to solve the problem rather than tackling the problem but rather risking yourself more addictive. Such addiction enhances mental pressure.

4) The most common stress symptoms are seen in different levels of intense feelings, sorrow, episodes of excitement, and much more. Everyone goes through grieving and overwhelming feelings too. It is a natural part of human behavior. The problem is not to differentiate between human’s naturalness and abnormalities.

Physical response to stress

1. Headaches

The burden of finding people who are not headaches! 85% of the headaches are due to tension. When people can not express their anger, sadness, pain, frustration, emotions, it can be expressed through the headache as a physical sign.

2. IBS

It is called psychological-base disease. In the morning when there is a tension to go to office, school, college and workplace, many people have been seen going to the bathroom 3-4 times. But it is fairly good all day. For many, it is known as old dandruff.

3. Heart disease

A health-related slogan is called, “Keep stress free, keep heart healthy”.

There are also psychological stress related to major diseases such as hypertension or high blood pressure, myocardial infarction, peptic ulcer, asthma, diabetes.

Stress can increase the intensity of physical illness. As a result, treatment is interrupted, in some cases act as agent at the beginning of physical illness. For example, it is seen that within a few days of her husband’s death, the wife’s death was a heart attack.

4. Immunological changes in the body

Inside the body there are some organic substances that protect the body from bacteria, viruses in various adverse conditions. This immunological system becomes weak after living under stress for a long time. It easily weakens the body.

The mental illness that may occur

1) sadness

The main reason for this is the tragic incident. For example, a married couple of 28 years have died in the accident 6 months ago. Gradually, change of behavior and feelings of the girl will change.

2) Checkpoint

Some students have become physically and mentally ill before the examinations. Three days before the test, tension, chest tightness, sleep problems, and repeated visits to the bathroom. During the oral examination, no candidate speaks for the mouth, the mouth becomes dry, etc. The students of this group should consult the psychiatrists.

More such diseases caused by stress include: Tension, Panic Disorder, Shubbyu, Phobia, PTSD, Insidra etc.

What is PTSD?

PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is a post-stress depression that occurs after a horrible experience. If a girl is sexually abusive or raped, later she loses interest in sex. Men are afraid to see, avoid them.

How to be free from stress

1. Please fix the problems.

2. Understand problem solving strategies.

3. Find out some alternative solutions.

4. If you face any pressure, make the right decision at the right time.

5. Do regular exercises.

6. Learn and apply relaxation techniques.

7. Follow the advice and instructions of the cytreastist.

8. Stay in regular follow up.

If you can match yourself with any of the above mentioned situations, you need to talk to a counselor / medical psychologist very quickly. If under severe stress, it can become a mental illness at one time. As soon as you get proper treatment for these diseases, you will be able to return to your expected and appropriate lifestyle.