We usually use umbrellas, sunglasses, etc. to avoid the hot heat of summer. But both of them are meant to save your skin. Did you notice that your beautiful hands are both day and day burning in the sun? Those who are more sensitive to skin, they may use sun screen, but it is permanent for a long time on the skin, but the sanascreen does not last very long. The reason is that we have to use our hands in any work. So the sun screen also washed or wiped. However, today’s three packs for those whose skin has become black or white in the sun’s skin. If you use these packs, your handy brightness will be returned.

3 packs to take care of sunburn

Lemon juice

Do you know, lemon juice works as a natural bleaching? It works extraordinary to remove the black spots on the skin. You can keep a frozen lemon juice in two hands for 20-30 minutes. Then dry after drying. You can add a little sugar to it as well. Sugar is a wonderful cleaner. It gives up skin dead cells. Use 2 to 3 times a week to get quick results.

sour yogurt

Talk yogurt removes sun tanning and keeps the skin cool. It is small and skin tight on the skin of the skin. Mix a cup of cup yogurt with half a cup of broth juice and a half cup of tomato juice. Then add it to half a cup of gram or rice. Mix all and paste it.

Take this pack in your hands, face and neck, wait 30-35 minutes and wash it with light warm water. It will also help to clean the skin in the sun, as well as soften the skin. You can also get benefits only if you use it before going to bed every day.


Aloe vera brightens the skin and removes the skin of the skin, as well as repairing the skin of sunburn. Before going to sleep at night, apply the Alps in the sun tanning area. Keep it all night. Wake up in the morning and wash it well. Get regular benefits.

If you do not delay, start using these packs on the sun-tanning skin today. Become beautiful and handsome handsome. But yes, of course do not forget to use the sunscreen before going out.