The way to make eyes big and attractive easily with makeup

The eyes of all are not equal, some of the eyes are big in size and others are smaller. In this case, following some techniques of makeup, it is very easy to make eye-shapes bigger and attractive.

The easiest way to make a look at how to make the eyes look great and attractive is to showcase a simple way to look at a form of Rupov.

★ Light color shadows in the interior

To make the eyes bigger and attractive, the shades of light from the inner corners to the middle will be used. Because light shadow eyes in the eye corner will look bigger. Because it slows sleep in sight and needs to be frozen.

★ Highlighting the use of the highlight below

Below the frown will be highlighted on ‘Brao sister’. For light shimmery, no eyeshadow can be used. Forte said that the shadow can be used in the very inner corner of the eye.

★ Use of the console below the eyes

At least under the eyes of everyone is ink or black eyed. And the glare of the eyes of this glowing eyes faded very much. Therefore, it is necessary to use the consular to cover the ink below the eye. Eyes are small due to the glare around the eyes. So using the light-tone conjunct from the color of the skin, the lower part of the eye should be consolidated.

★ Use of white or light color

Use of white or nude coloring works on the water line below the eye, eyes look bigger and a pattern of ‘dramatic’ is added.

★ Nood lipstick on lip

Easy makeup of the makeup, if you make a dark makeup in the eye, then light or nude lipstick on the lips will be read. Because it will attract all eyes to everyone.

★ The use of fake petals

Eyes do not have junkies of fake petals to show bigger eyes. In addition, a few masks in eyes help to show the eyes bigger. Lash Karlar can also be used to enhance the ‘dramatic’ look of the eye.

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