These 5 changes in the body are signs of breast cancer, cause cause

  • More than 60% of breast cancer cases are detected after the third stage.
  • Lymph nodes in the breasts, changes in water or changes in size are the early signs of cancer.
  • Breast cancer can be not just women but men too.

In India, the number of patients of cancer found in them is highest in breast cancer patients. According to the Council of Medical Research, in India, 14 lakh patients were affected by cancer in 2016. In the past years, the number has doubled. The most serious thing is that more than 60 percent of breast cancer cases are detected when they reach the advanced stage. This is the reason that millions of women and men lose their lives every year due to breast cancer.
There are some slight changes in the body at the onset of breast cancer, which usually ignores women. If these signs are seen at the beginning of cancer and examined and treated properly in the right time, then not only can the patient’s life be saved, but cancer can be completely cured.
  • Lump or pain in one or both breasts
Breast cancer begins with lumps in the breasts. If you feel like a lump on touching or pressing one or both of your breasts, then you should contact the doctor. Having a lump in a breast is a common symptom of breast cancer. There is also a pain in the breast. Many times girls and women tend to ignore the pain caused by breast during the period of thinking during the period. In this case, you must consult the doctor. Every woman should check herself by pressing her breasts every 15 days, to avoid any kind of trouble.
  • Breast size change
Sometimes, changes in the size of any one or both breasts of the woman begin to change, such as a breast being bigger and a little or both the size of the breasts increases or decreases. If you feel the difference in size when looking at breast or nipple in the mirror, then it may be a sign of breast cancer. In this case, there is also a side swelling or rashes on the breast. With the formation of a layer or scab on nipple, changes in skin color can also be the cause of breast cancer.
  • White water leak from nipple
If a woman does not breastfeeding (breast feeding), but her nipple is leaking out of milk, it can also cause breast cancer. Apart from milk, leakage of blood or water is also dangerous. Sometimes there may be a change in the size of the nipple and any female nipple of the woman can turn inward.
  • Fast weight loss
Long-term fever, weight loss and staying lethargic for three to four weeks can also be a sign of breast cancer. Along with many other diseases, there is also a sudden weight loss in breast cancer. Apart from this, this problem also occurs in stomach cancer, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer.
  • Causes of breast cancer
Consumption of smoking, alcohol or pan masala also increases the risk of breast cancer. Some women do not breast feeding to children, which is a major cause of breast cancer. Breast cancer risk increases even after late marriage. When late marriage, the child is born late. It is believed that women who have been breast-feeding late are more likely to have breast cancer.