These 7 unintentional beauty products really need you

Make-up product

Although most women know well, but there are still many such products which are very important to know. In this world of make-up, there is a lot of interesting and necessary protests. Some of which are off-beat, which require a lot of research and homework. In this slideshow we are telling you about 7 similar make-up products that you were unaware of yet.

Lip sealer

No lipstick lasts for 8-10 hours, so you need a little help. Lip Sealant is a transperant coat that you have to put on top of lipstick. So that your lipstick will remain intact even after eating and drinking for the whole day.

eyebrow pencil

It gives a shape to your eyebrows. Dark eyelids darkens and gives it a good shape. An eyebrow pencil is essential for giving refined finish to your eyes.

Clear Mascara

If you do not want to show your eyes heavy and only need a little brushing, then you can use a clear mascara. It not only shows your eyes bigger and also gives it a dewi finish.

Kabuki Brush

Kabuki brush is most important in make-up. This is round and in two things – one is used to apply a blush on the filled portion of your cheeks and the other to put finishing powder at the right place of your forehead.

Make-up primer

The primer’s work is to prepare your skin for make-up. Often your skin is very oily and damaged due to acne and acne. It prepares your skin for makeup and also tone your skin.

Makeup Sponges

Wearing good products and superb outfits is of no use if your make-up is not good. But your brushes and hands do not let them get better. For this, you can use a good blading sponge – which is not only good quality, so it does not make your make-up and mix your makeup well in your skin.

Blouting paper

Your makeup will start spreading, your lipstick will start flowing, and sometimes you will accidentally spoil your lip liner. And for such similar problems, you should always have a good quality blotting paper in your makeup kit. It keeps oil away from your face without spoiling your makeup.