When you are in a relationship with someone, trust is the greatest strength of a relationship that keeps the relationship alive. But sometimes we go to work unknowingly, which weakens the relationship door. We make some mistakes that are worse than cheating partner. 


We have been learning from childhood that lie does not last long. Still, we keep telling lies to our partner. Although we should avoid the lie, it should be avoided even more when the relationship is absolutely new. Because the beginning of the relationship will lie on the lie, then there will be no happiness in life. 

It is not necessary for the convenience to remain in the relationship that the relationship continues in the same way all the time. With time, when you begin to understand each other better, mutual differences arise or you can not remain comfortable with each other. Still, you are maintaining that relationship, whether it is fear of society or wants to get comfort from each other or if you are not going to be in any new relationship. This thing is more dangerous than cheating. 

It is

often heard that little things become bigger. This is very important in the relationship. If you fight with each other or for some other reasons do not stop talking then do not stop talking. The best thing is to talk to your partner.

Being in a

relationship, the bond of equality in the relationship keeps the two partners together. If only you take care of your happiness, your desires in the relationship, your partner will feel sad all the time. Therefore, you should not bring your selfishness in the relationship.