Those mistakes should not be done while wearing sarees

Sharee and all women become sexy and gorgeous But before wearing Sharee, it is very important to keep things in mind, otherwise your dress will be soil. So keep the points below while wearing the sari

Get the right shoes:

Never wear platform heels and wedges with sarees. Even flat sticks do not look good with sarees. Try to get high heels.

Avoid Heavy Jewelry:

Many of us dressed in sari after wearing jewelry. As a result you will not feel anything except jewelry shops. If you have heavy embroidery work in sarees, then try as little jewelry as you can.

Do not do much experiments:

Sarees can be worn in many ways, but wear the same way as you used to wear sari. Suddenly, wearing sarees in a different way before going to the house by doing experiments, but not a very good idea.

Select the right sari to understand the occasion:

We make this mistake in the middle. We have some favorite saris in many saris and we throw those saris on any occasion. For example, it is better to not wear sari instead of heavy work on any formal occasion. Again, in the office party, the net through the sari was absolutely ‘A stract no no’.

Do not put safety pin around:

Many people are not accustomed to wearing sari, so managing sari becomes a problem for them. So many women try to manage the sari with a safety pin around them and they try to manage the sari. It is better not to do it, and if you insert multiple pins then keep an eye on it that it is hidden in the sari. Do not pin the outside, it seems very intriguing.

Follow the correct blouse:

Regardless of the Tempting, do not forget sexy and tight blouse. If you want to wear an open strapless blouse on the back, then make your figure and the way. Do not wear loose fitting blouses at the same time.

Select the correct peticote:

Do not wear shriveled shaits, such a peticote will show you fat. It is also very difficult to manage sari after this type of shaay. So wear planes and fitted peticot.

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