Wedding shopping sharee 7 types of colors to decorate wife!

Wedding shopping sharee 7 types of colors to decorate wife! - Beauty Tips
Wedding shopping sharee| 7 types of colors to decorate wife! – Beauty Tips

Wedding shari … Ah! What a beautiful! I do not know how much price! Where did you buy? …… Many such things turn around in the head when I see a beautiful sunglasses!

Well, what is the most important and funny thing to buy in wedding shopping? All eyes are shiny!

Yes, this ‘shari’!

Why shopping for wedding sharee why?

The two things that are matrimonial to buy wedding saris are: – Customized colors and designs and mindset prices! How many sarees that are to buy Ray Baba! Main program, yellow, reception, bouquet … There are also Mehdi, Bagdan, for the first day in the in-laws house, then the marathon invitation … Oops! What do you say is not?

So today the wedding saris should not be the conversation!

Since I was mad, I did not think anything! I went straight to Benarasi Palli, the biggest sari market in Dhaka. I woke up, looked at the world thinking, thinking of my house, and I started writing!

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You have 7 kinds of wedding saris and their prices, types, colors, etc. Now a little cough … how?

1. Jamdani

The name of the name of ‘Jamdani’ and I thought that little sari did not understand! But when I grew up, I began to understand slowly … See, how many sardas are there!
This Jamdani carries our tradition. That’s the beginning of Bangladesh! Half silk and flower cotton – red, blue, yellow, green, maroon, pink, white and black in between two sizes – 500-20000 / -, are available in almost all colors! And according to the design, how many names, listen? Dublajal, Balhahar, Shapala flower, Ginger, Mayurpachpar, Kalamilata, Chandrapar, Jhumka, Butidar, Jhalar, Mayurpakhha, Pewitya, Kalkapar, Kuppata, Tarcha, Jalpaar, Panna Hazar, Corolla, Butazapati, Jabibuti, Shabnam, Jhumka, Jabaful … many more Many names!
Please do not bother me in the next line, please … I personally do not have a choice of Jamdani, because after getting a lot of discomfort to get a lot of clutter! But bad but do not!

2. Benarasi

Benarasi sarees are the most worn in the wedding. Cinderella is red, pepper red, sweet red, black, reddish maroon, black pepper, royal blue, queen magenta, deep magenta, dark pink, sweet pink, sea-green, turquoise, paste color … more color! And with copper-golden threads, stonework or hold it with a multi-colored yarn between Floral prints or cauliflower … And the designs are beaten or locked, for which sarees can be worn for a long time. Although it is a bit heavy It’s great to say! And the price? Stone will be able to get 3500-30000 / – and the Hayst range with Stone will grow up to 80000-90000 / -!

3. Kangeivaram

I saw Kashmiri and Katan style Kanjevaram. These cute flowers are dark pastries, Deep Magenta, Light Magenta, Light Ash, Black, Sky Blue, Sea Green etc, in color beige, Kelly Style or Normal Guinei Gold, Koper Golden Yarn, Smooth Texture’s Exotic Beautiful Sari. And the price ranges, however, will get in between Rs 500 and 50000 / -.

4. Squeak

The color combination of yarn, stone, black and white prints, red, green, paste, queen magenta, white, golden, cream, green, deep blue, maroon, black, yellow, basanti, orange etc. with great work and great combinations Katana sari is made! There are many types of katan such as katan george, mirpuri katan, opera katan, pahra katan, tasar katan, muslin katan, gold katana, velvet katan, chundree katan, peer katan, phulkali katan, joot katan, chaney katan etc. 1500 – 20000 / – within the money! And the Mirpuri Qatans, but made in the country Suuta.

5. Pakistani Barish

In the Pakistani barish, the work of locking in colors of white, piazza, sweet red, cream, ocean green, paste, parat green, turquoise etc. between 2700-5000 / – Fabric is too much smoothen and the work on the shifon. In this case, we can say that shifon is basically 3 types – 30-40 g (weightless), 60 grams and 80-90 grams (Pure). And 80-90 grams have 30% more yarn work (mined).

6. Soft silk

These sarees will be available in 15000-20000 / -Tyca C Green-Golden, Royal Blue-Copper, Parrot Green-Firuza, Queen Magenta-Battal Green, Paste-Maroon … in such a variety of combinations. Soft silk saris made of native shawls are matte finishing and it looks very nice and gorgeous. On the other hand, replicas are shiny.

7. Muslin

This muslin Jamdanias made in 100% Pure Muslin! Yes, although it is not possible to fill the box of the country like the ancient muslin, but the efforts of the sarees not to leave near them! These saris are made of sweet, brighter and light colors. If you want saris to suit suitcase this muslin sari can be a great choice. The price is also affordable, 3500-5500 / -take!
There are also tissues, Tangail, Dhupian, Baluchuri weaving, Jayapuri, Papamburi, Lilan, Megaduta … such thousands of sarees! It is not really possible to end in a while! Try to get some basic information about you with some saris. And do not forget to buy wedding sari, do research, bastard, and buy peticot and ornaments! Try to go to ‘time’, how?
Good luck in the beautiful life.