Why is breast cancer, Learn remedies

The silent killer of women is called breast cancer. Thousands of women die every year due to this hidden disease. One in 8 people in the world is suffering from breast cancer. The statistics are really horrific and one in each possibility of death among 36 affected women.

The second reason for the death of cancer in our country is breast cancer. The Breast cancer is actually one kind of malignant tumor, which starts from the nipple cells. Breast cancer is a type of disease that does not have any specific methods of resistance.

Moreover, no specific cause of this disease is yet known. So why is this malignant tumor, which is known as breast cancer, it is necessary to know. However, many factors are responsible for breast cancer. Let’s find out the reasons

  • 1. Excessive alcoholism increases the chances of women breast cancer. If you want to get rid of breast cancer, then definitely quit drinking.

  • 2. Unmarried, childless women are more likely to have breast cancer.

  • 3. Likewise, breast cancer is not enough for those who do not breastfeed.

  • 4. Those who have become the first mother after 30 years of age, their tendency to breast cancer is much more than women having a younger age.

  • 5. As the age increases, the risk of breast cancer increases.

  • 6. If you take a baby at a young age, the delay in period of period of breast cancer increases when the period of delay is stopped.

  • 7. Many times, birth control pills increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

  • 8. There are more chances of having children if there are mothers and hawks.

  • 9. Unhealthy diet can increase the chances of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Symptoms:

  • 1. Generally, this disease is less than 30 years ago.

  • 2. Most patients go to the doctor on the chest and take the doctor.

  • 3. The chest, along with some patients also say pain.

  • 4. Occasionally the patient may come with a wheel on the chest while on the wheel.

  • 5. Nipple discharge and nipple penetration can also be seen as symptoms of this disease.

  • 6. Some patients come to the doctor with a cough like cough.

  • 7. Many times chest pain can come with swelling of hands.

  • 8. Apart from these, breast cancer comes with distant symptoms such as bone pain, headache, respiratory failure, jaundice etc.

How to diagnose the disease:

  • 1. Mammograms or special type of x-rays

  • 2. Breast Alertus Program

  • 3. This disease will be detected by examining the juice from the wheel or tumor.

  • 4. If you are older than 30, you will have to do yourself a breast test. Whether the wheel can be found. If the wheel is found then you will have to seek a doctor.

  • 5. Mammogram once a year, above age 50.

  • 6. If there is any doubt, you should meet the doctor.

 Ways to Avoid Breast Cancer:

Since no known cause of the disease is known. So to avoid this disease, there are several rules to follow.

  • 1. If there is a rack factor, then do the mammography. For example, if the family has breast cancer.

  • 2. Try to give birth to the first child in the age of 30.

  • 3. Women who breastfeed children are less likely to have breast cancer risk.

  • 4. Eat fresh vegetables and vegetables.

  • 5. If you are in doubt, then consult the cancer surgeon.

  • 6. Avoid smoking and alcohol.

  • 7. A person who practices a body by rules every day, is less likely to have breast cancer.

  • 8. Studies say, walking 75 to 150 minutes a week will reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Keep in mind that after diagnosing the disease in the initial stage and treating you will be healthy for many days. Removal of tumor with lymph nodes during surgery is very less likely to occur once again.

Due to the removal of the tumor incomplete, this disease may occur again. Now the operation technology has improved so much that the treatment of this disease is now possible in Bangladesh.

Besides, breast cancer is now being removed from breast cancer and breast cancer.

Although women are more likely to breast cancer. But men are not less, but they are not risk-free from this disease.