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hello Readers welcome to Beauty Tips website

www.beautytips24.com. is general account and basic informative English website. in this website you can find.  new tips for fitness, Winter specials, Beauty care, Hair care, Skin care, Nail care, Bridal, Bridal Makeup, Lifestyle, Girls Fashion, Girls Makeup, Men Fashion, Health, Beauty Tips, Hand and foot care, Cosmetics, Hair cosmetics, Skin cosmetics, Facial cosmetics, Girl’s , Man’s, Women Makeup, including fashion, cosmetics, cooking recipes, fashion, and fitness. Also, care of mother and baby care, hair and skin-nails, ,history useful and entertaining content.

I am is to create list every possible topic like
Beauty Tips, Health Tips, Baby Care, Cocking and many more. so you call fine amazing information and understand quickly and easily.

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About me

Tareq Ahammed Muttakin
Hi I am Tareq Ahammed Muttakin.I am 26 years old I’m a software developer, and I can create website, mobile app, and other IT related apps.I always like to do research
I work at the freelancer.com professionally and along with the work at the upwork, fiverr.com
I always think about how to get up and do something good for the country.

If someone wants to build a mobile app and a website, then I have a contact with me.

My Educational Qualification: BBA ( Honours)
                                                                    : Software Engineer    
I like blogging and writing articles.You can get technical related posts on this website.
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I request everyone to come up with my website pls read the terms and conditions and read the privacy policy as well as thank you
According to the laws of Bangladesh, I have no bad or bad post on my website. The whole post is beneficial for technical related people.

My Skills

Have More Than 7 Years Of Experience
Adobe Photoshop75%

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